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Coffee with Cats

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Most of you know I have a morning ritual of sitting with "the boys" and having our morning meeting over a delicious and coveted cup of coffee and some interesting "stream of conscious" conversation. And yes, they talk back before they always and unapologetically fall sound asleep, leaving me to complete the meeting with my own thoughts and list making while they hog the sunbeams and most of the room on the sofa.

We (cats and I) have been brainstorming about the book. With the debut of the azaleas and other blooming beauties here in Orlando who have popped magnificence in volume and color, my strength is returning in its new form. I look so forward to being in Mother Nature and digging in the dirt while I process the remaining thoughts for the book. I've finally worked out the cover design and I am thrilled to finish that process. Also, sending warm wishes to you still in the depth of winter. xoxo

In other news:

Last Sunday was my one year anniversary celebrating the end of my radiation treatment for breast cancer treatment. Looking forward to the aged "patina" on that memory, like the way copper turns when it's weathered and aged. I'm sure as the time fades the immediate memories, the beauty will come forward. For now, I'm in awe at my body's ability to heal from all it went through and the wonderful healthcare personnel who got me through the entire experience. Gratitude overwhelms me.

I simply cannot wait to type these words: The book is now available!

And remember,

What you seek is seeking you. ~Rumi

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