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Fear Found an Opening

A line from my cousin, Georga's newest poem. You'll meet her in my book. She writes a poem everyday and sends it to me and others. Today's poem was, of course, reflecting on 9/11's terrorist attack. As she and her family are long time New Yorkers, Georga has a big story. One that consists greatly of fear during that horrendous time. And the after shocks of it. It changed the city, the people and the skyline forever.

"Fear found an opening" is such a profound statement. How many times in our lives have we "faced off" with fear, be it through the unknown, or worse through the known? How many times have we had to surrender to the fear to move through it?

The book I've written addresses that on numerous occasions. What is your formula for getting through your fear? I'd love to know!

Be well and be You.

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