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Have You Completely Unraveled?

Because life will take you there!

Do you feel like all your strings have unraveled into this knotted pile of overwhelm and mess? With COVID's restrictions, the election stressors and the arrival of the always chaotic holidays, unraveling seems to be the new norm. 2020 offers many new perspectives!

Here is your very simple reminder ... you can ALWAYS reassemble the strings. You can put them in order to suit your personal liking. You don't have to stay in a jumbled heap.

You can line them up side by side:

You can arrange them into a design

or you can merely wrap them around a vessel that will hold them until you are ready to organize them again.

Just because they look like a mess doesn't mean they are a mess. They are simply waiting for reassignment. I love having a bunch of these bundles of strings waiting and ready for me to rearrange them. It always represents new hope to me. The idea of knowing I have the ability to arrange my strings in any manner, at any time is such a gift of the future. And the idea that they will wait for me reaffirms my trust in myself. And my spiritual faith strengthens as I follow the whispers and signs along the way.

So take a deep breath and decide exactly HOW you would like to re-order your "strings". Then, just sit down and do it. No need for stress, drama or dread. It's a puzzle. It's YOUR puzzle. You are in charge of it, and you are the boss. Do it your way!

I'd love to hear what you do, or see a photo of your "strings" and how you sort them out. But most of all, I'd love to hear that you simply took a step back, used your breathing skills, and let go of the angst that the bundles of knots and chaos those strings tease you with. I'd love to hear how you believed in yourself and arranged it all in your own time, in your own way, with your own faith and belief. I'd love to hear how you have taken back the control.

I became a weaver in the mountains of North Carolina after I'd been through quite a career change due to the real estate market crash and my One-of-a-Kind amazing boss passing away from leukemia. I had frazzled strings all over the place, and a broken heart. I was hired at the Weaving Room at the Crossnore School to weave. Those women were so patient and wonderful to me. I'm sure they had their work cut out teaching me all things about weaving. But somehow I managed to learn this ancient skill by their sides, with their tender hearts, and buckets of love and guidance. Also, with a good bit of practice as a production weaver, no matter how slow I was!

Then, I began teaching weaving, because my first vocation is teaching. I taught some of the children who were living at the school through no fault of their own. The kids had been placed there by the state because they'd been taken out of their homes of origin for a heap of different reasons. I also taught adults. And I loved every single second of teaching everyone to weave.

What I learned in a nutshell was HOPE. You can always fix what you are weaving. You can always start over. You can always see tangible evidence of your own hard work and you can always make something you can be proud of. Also, when you weave, you lose your "protective" layer. Your "guards" go off duty. And those children and adults would talk the entire time they wove. At first, the kids talked about their journeys, their fears and their brokenness. Then, when the weaving started to come together, they would talk about their dreams, their favorite things, their future and their HOPE. (as well as boys/girls, junk food and homework, of course!). Some them worked in the weaving room for their student jobs until they graduated.

So, what I learned was ... when you are overwhelmed, distraught, or have just had enough, it is time to weave those loose threads back together again. It produces tangible evidence: whatever is broken can be fixed.

I know not everyone can weave --- or even wants to. But you can find what it is for you that puts it all back in order and gives you hope for the future. We all have a "fix" for hope. You just have to figure out what yours is. It's a lot better than being frazzled. 😋

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