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I Wrote a Book!

I finally wrote the book! My mama kept telling me to write it. From the time I was 16 years old, she would beg me to write a book about my life. She even tried to write it for me once upon a time. So, I finally wrote it. Forty years later.

Apparently after you write a book, it goes through some beta readers, growing pains, edits, and all sorts of things, including judgements and other peoples' opinions. So I am going slowly and hoping the helpers are kind when they make their suggestions. One of my friends said, "Don't be offended with their changes. That's what editors do, they edit." How right she is! I am anxious to receive the feedback from the beta readers. And anxious to get the book in its final stages and get it published, at long last.

Coming soon! There will be a published book for you to read about my early life, my struggles and lessons, my warriorhood and my widowhood. I do hope you can glean some significance of survival, be it your own or a loved one's. It's taken me forty years to share my story. The mission of my book is to help others know there is always hope and a way to get through whatever challenges you may face. I hope you find some hope and courage inside the pages of the book! And I hope it speaks to your heart and supports you.

The End of a chapter of life is often the Beginning of the Future. And always will be.

Be well and be You!

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