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It's been a minute ...

I've been surrounded by all manner of lovely things, and busy by my own making. Truthfully and with with complete transparency, my word at the beginning of summer season seemed to be procrastination. I've now moved into a season all about patience. The "P" word, Clay". (reference to a 1998 movie, Clay Pigeons, with Joaquin Phoenix, Vince Vaughn and Janeane Garofaand)

There is a saying, "I'm too busy fighting alligators to drain the swamp". Seems fitting, as I went in to edit and finalize the words and where they appeared, but I got all distracted with the storytelling, yet again. How can this be so complex, yet appear to be so simple in both concept and reality? The wrestling match has, at long last, come to an end. I've counted down, declared a win, and put it all to rest. Again. ("Patience, Clay")

Now there is the matter of the formatting, which has required an on-line tutorial in formatting software. Then the insertion of photos, which involves hard decisions on which ones to use/cut. And the finalization of the cover artwork, which is actually coming along way beyond my expectations. Just those things left to do before submission for print and e-books. Yet, I feel as if this stage might be the real labor.

The artwork has been the thought process lately, while the edit copy, proof reading and flow reading has been in the hands of some amazingly wonderful and generous humans. I am ever so grateful to everyone who has been such a blessing and a help. And thanks to each and every person who asks me, "How's the book going?" because I need the support, the reminders and the accountability.

So, getting out of the swamp and remembering to go toward the finish line. It TRULY feels like giving birth. I kind of feel like I'm two-thirds of the way through the third trimester and trying to figure out just when, EXACTLY, this baby is going to join us here on earth.

Stay tuned ... it has to be soon. The adult in me wrote down a schedule, in pen. That's always a sign that the task is coming to fruition.

I've let go of the heavy things. Back in flight.

*** beautiful image by @the_crystal_council ***

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