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Do it Scared

Writing about yourself is an anxiety producer. There are a myriad of emotions. It's a self confidence shaker and an emotional cocktail.

I tend to like puzzle pieces, but not necessarily doing manufactured puzzles. I've put together voluminous puzzle pieces from my first twenty five years of life. And I wrote my book to create the first installment of a memoir series. I still wonder if I want everyone to read and know all those things about me. 😋

In order to do what is in my heart, I have to let all of that worry and wonder go. All of those carefully guarded stories, some old secrets, and years of locking all of it in a closet inside my being must be unleashed in order to help others, as is my dream. Could you comfortably tell your story without a little trepidation here and there? For real.

As all of this promotional season goes live, my heartbeat quickens and my insides are wiggly. Inside me are: a scared little girl, a defiant teenager and a wounded young woman who are completely freaking out. So I think this is the perfect time to let it all go! As my friend Edie has said in her very own book, "do it scared". Don't wait until you aren't scared anymore because it might not ever happen.

I'm going forward holding firmly to that sage advice and trusting it's for the best. If you are looking for adventure, intrigue, romance, heartbreak, comedy and a red herring or two, this book is going to be for you. But more to the point, if you've ever lost hope, been widowed or had a burden so heavy you were crumbling under its weight, I actually wrote this book for you. ❤️

I will begin introducing characters from "The End is the Beginning" and sharing snippets and "whatnots" starting next week. I'm excited to finally get this rolling out. I am grateful to so many wonderful friends and family members for propping me up and lighting the path. And I sincerely thank you, dear reader for coming along on the journey!

Be well and be You!

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